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How I would handle CSS

I was recently asked my process for handling CSS, and I realized since I haven't worked on a CSS project for a year now, the details weren't fresh in my mind. In my own personal projects, I just use Bootstrap because their default designs are good enough for my purposes. But when working on a professional project, it's worth considering other options. So I'm writing this article to refresh my memory of my professional experience with CSS.

Learning about Symfony

I recently set up a simple Symfony site to learn more about it. Since Symfony is the foundation of Drupal 8, which I've worked with before, I figured learning Symfony would help me to understand Drupal 8 better. Also, Symfony is like a disassembled site of components, which is a useful resource for a web developer to know about. I can think of circumstances where you don't need a full CMS. Like maybe you just need a simple site for some data collection with an authentication component so people can log-in. Symfony is also used in other PHP frameworks, like PatternLab, and Magento.