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Headless Drupal

This is a sample page that uses Drupal as a backend and React as a frontend:

React page

I used Drupal's Book module to store a book and then used the Restui module to make the chapters accessible through rest, and I used a view to create the book's navigation, which is also accessible through Rest.


Drupal 8 and Pattern Lab

In my last job, I was part of a team that managed the company's marketing sites, all of which were run on Drupal 7. I helped migrate the sites to Drupal 8. In that time, the team also decided to work with a pattern lab to help manage and reuse designs, and to integrate it with Drupal Paragraphs to allow for the creation of pages on the fly. As a sample of what I learned, I set up a pattern lab here on this site. The design is bad, I just threw it together quickly, the main point is to demonstrate how each page can reuse component sections and also have a different layout. 

Example frame shop landing page

Example flower shop landing page

And this is the pattern lab


Learning about Symfony

I recently set up a simple Symfony site to learn more about it. I figured learning Symfony would help me to understand Drupal 8 better. This is the site:

And I wrote up an article full of notes about the setup process here.


From Hiragana to Romanji 
A memory game for memorizing Japanese Hiragana characters.
Git Repo

Would You Rather?
This is a project that came out of Udacity's certificate course in React and Redux. The test data includes 3 users and you can log into any of them from the login page. You can vote on the questions and create new questions and see a leader board of users sorted by the total of answers and questions they have submitted.
Git Repo